Legal information

All editors contracted by Sandstone GbR have committed themselves to treat all texts, documents and any other pieces of information submitted or made accessible to them with utmost confidentiality. All editors contracted by Sandstone GbR have further committed themselves not to publish, pass on or use for their own purposes texts, documents or other pieces of information to which they have access, or which have been entrusted to them.

The ownership, exploitation and publication rights of any texts submitted to Sandstone GbR remain with the customer both before and after completion of the editing service.

Sandstone GbR cannot be held liable for assisting in plagiarism.

Sandstone GbR undertakes to ensure that editing services are carried out within the period and at the price agreed upon in the placement of order.

In conjunction with the making of an offer, Sandstone GbR sends a copy of all terms and conditions applicable to the recipient of the offer. In accepting an offer, the customer/editor also accepts the applicable set of terms and conditions.

Upon request, Sandstone GbR is happy to fully disclose to customers, editors or other interested parties the terms and conditions applicable to its customers and contracted editors.

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